Glasgow being mismanaged by SNP, Sarwar tells Scottish Labour conference

Party leader tells a packed conference hall that Scottish Labour is “the only party of change”, and reaffirms his call for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza.

Anas Sarwar has today restated several existing policies, and attacked current and former government ministers in Westminster and Holyrood, in a speech portraying change as urgently necessary, and Scottish Labour as the only party able to deliver it. His speech was a substantial affair, nearly one hour long, promising Scotland to be at the

University spends millions on rooms sitting empty

Data seen by The Glasgow Guardian suggests there to be over 500 empty rooms in University-owned accommodation.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request obtained by The Glasgow Guardian has revealed substantial decreases in the overall occupancy rates of student accommodation available to University of Glasgow (UofG) students compared with the previous academic year.

The occupancy rate of beds within student accommodation owned by the University of Glasgow stands, as of 12 October 2023, at 85.35%

Petition opens for UofG graduate Lovisa Arnesson-Cronhamre killed in car accident

The Arnesson-Cronhamre family are encouraging people to sign a a petition in advance of an upcoming court case.

25-year-old Lovisa Arnesson-Cronharme, who graduated from the University of Glasgow earlier this year, died on Tuesday 12 September after a hit-and-run incident in the US state of Pennsylvania. Ahmed M. Alqubaisi, 20, has – according to police – been charged with vehicular homicide, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, careless driving, and speeding, and is currently in cu

Glasgow students face second highest cost-of-living in UK

A survey of students in the UK has placed Glasgow as one of the most expensive places for students in the country.

New data from the NatWest Student Living Index 2023, collected in May and June of this year, has named Glasgow as the city with the second highest living costs for students in the UK, behind only Edinburgh. The survey – which covered 3,052 students across 63 university towns and cities – determined student living costs by dividing their average monthly living and accommodation cost

New report shows surge in student housing prices

The report found that the average PBSA rent has increased by 34% since 2018. 26% of students they sampled reported being unable to pay their rent in full on one or more occasion, with this rising to 46% among widening access groups. Students also detailed poor living conditions, including being unable to access fresh water for up to 96 hours, and faulty fire alarms that would go off every night.

Concerns were also raised by the report that international students are disproportionately affected

How do we improve breast cancer awareness among students? In conversation with Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK finalist Ella Vaday and the Glasgow Uni Boob Team

“I’m going to do the same makeup that I’ve got on so we can be twins”.

Ella Vaday is putting her mum, Donna, into drag. It’s a staple feature of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK for contestants to wheel their family members out onto the runway, but Covid-19 meant this didn’t happen in Ella’s season. Donna’s makeover can instead be found in a video for CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness charity that focuses on early detection in young people.

Ella described her mum as “the one woman in my life that’s

Kelvingrove Museum to be sold

Councillors have approved a sale-and-leaseback arrangement with council-owned property firm City Property Glasgow Investments LLP for a number of buildings worth up to £200m. Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the City Chambers, Gallery of Modern Art, and Kelvin Hall are amongst the buildings making up the deal.

The purpose of the deal is to allow Glasgow City Council a way to raise funds for equal pay settlements. The £200m generated in the sale will settle these equal pay liabilities, before the buildi

How does UofG improve the safety of its LGBTQ+ students?

In May 2021 The Glasgow Guardian urged the University to do more to eliminate gender-based violence through improving student safety on campus. Since then, a mandatory gender based violence course has been established on moodle, but there is more work to be done. With LGBTQ+ hate crimes soaring post-pandemic, and increasing hostility to LGBTQ+ people more broadly, we surveyed and conducted interviews with LGBTQ+ students to assess specific issues pertaining to their safety.

To be clear, immedia

"We’re very lucky that our home city hosts the Fringe": Interviewing Tinderbox Orchestra

It’s hard to imagine a collection of musicians adaptable enough to collaborate with a Chinese alternative folk-punk ensemble one day, and a Scottish indie songwriter the next. Yet Tinderbox Orchestra are doing just that, in what project manager Claire Docherty has described as an “unforgettable experience” at this year’s fringe.

Made up of 20+ musicians - rappers, singers, wind instruments, brass, heavy drums and bass - as well as a

In conversation with: Matt Forde

Both “crasherooni snoozefest” and “security, prosperity, respect” could feature in Matt Forde’s lexicon. As well as voicing Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer and Donald Trump on Spitting Image, Matt has written a book about his disillusionment with The Labour Party, and had a four-season political satire TV series on Dave: Unspun with Matt Forde. He also hosts The Political Party, a podcast which combines stand-up comedy and informal interviews with prominent political figures, ranging from Jacob Rees

UCU make a U-turn: Marking boycott cancelled in surprise move

The University and College Union (UCU) marking boycott at the University of Glasgow, which began on Monday 23 May, has been called off. All assessment processes and marking procedures will continue as normal, with no delay for students receiving grades this summer.

The UCU recently withdrew its national approach to the marking boycott, in favour of individual universities deciding whether to participate. While the local Glasgow branch of the UCU will no longer ask its members to participate in

SRC spring elections: what happened at the sabbatical positions hustings?

The Glasgow Guardian covered hustings for the sabbatical positions on the SRC. These positions are: SRC President (three candidates: Jordan Hunter, Jenna Fraser, Rinna Väre), Vice President Education (two candidates: Micaela Levesque, Miko Mojsiej), Vice President Student Activities (one candidate: Katie Fish) and Vice President Student Support (one candidate: Hailie Pentleton).

The hustings were live streamed on Facebook from 6pm until just before 9:30pm on Tuesday 1st March, with candidates g

UofG defends decision to refuse participation in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index

The decision to not participate in the Equality Index mirrors decisions made by universities across the country, and has been defended by the Equality and Diversity Unit and Staff Network.

The University of Glasgow has decided to not participate in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index for 2022. This set of league tables, compiled by the largest LGBTQ+ rights organisation in Europe, measures employers in “eight areas of employment policy and practice”, with the aim of showing their comparative p

Highlights from the COP26 ‘People’s Summit’

Boycott! The UK arms trade and the neoliberal economy of war.

Reasonably well attended and inside the splendour of the Glasgow Film Theatre, this panel focused on the devastating consequences of the arms trade for places like Palestine. Huda Ammori, co-founder of Palestine Action, spoke of her investigation into the University of Manchester and their investment in a company called Caterpillar, which manufactured the bulldozers that were then used to destroy Palestinian homes. Though not discuss

Roger Hallam talks to the students of Extinction Rebellion Glasgow University

On Sunday 7 November, Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, delivered a speech to the Extinction Rebellion Glasgow University (XRGU) group. The group was not able to book a room at Glasgow University for the talk due to COP26, so the meeting was held in a member’s flat, with around 20 students in attendance and the presence of a police car outside.

Hallam began by berating COP26, saying: “We are all being systematically lied to.” He also suggested that experts