Skin deep: Your ultimate eczema survival guide

How do you get through uni with a skin condition? The Glasgow Guardian offers some advice from experience

You’re officially in your glow-up era, you’ve made your dating app profile, you trawl through your camera roll – oh wait, you weren’t wearing eyeshadow that night, or the time before, so why are your eyelids ruby red? If you’re an eczema sufferer, be assured that there are loads of you – 1 in 10 adults. Whether your skin condition is a minor inconvenience, or a genuinely invasive health con

Instagram and me; Instagram is me

By adopting the perspective of the Instagram version of himself, can our Editor-in-Chief better understand his toxic relationship with social media?

Sometimes I think about the Instagram version of myself, as if they were sentient, like me. As I watch them grow and develop, I feel like I’ve created and nurtured them, like a parent does with their child. What would they perceive of the things they do, the places they go, the people they interact with? Would they be satisfied with the existence t

Room 223, Cairncross House

Don’t obsess over making your halls a home away from home: embrace its eccentricites.

Someone else is in my room. A few days ago they hauled bags past reception, up two flights of stairs, through a door, left turn, right turn, zig zag, zig zag again. No time to get a first impression when they finally arrive because there’s six more boxes of stuff waiting outside on the pavement and what if someone steals the one with their collection of houseplants which will probably die anyway because they w

Boundaries set and matched

As an annoying 14-year-old (and net burden on society) I used to declare ad nauseum that “sharing is caring”. I have since dissociated from being that person, such is the perpetual reinvention-of-the-self necessitated by late-teen development, and the phrase now appears, to me, to be a double-edged sword. While apportioning your Daim bars among your friends remains a redistributive courtesy, where sharing consists not of material goods but of offloading all of your inner qualms onto your friends

A quintessential guide to Glasgow’s queer spaces

Congratulations on becoming a glas-gay. If you’re reading this in freshers’ week, you will probably find yourself in Colourfest at Hive, expecting Paris is Burning but instead grooving to Ne-Yo and Usher. It is a rite of passage.

What freshers’ week easily overlooks is that University Avenue is essentially a city within a city; there is an entire Glasgow ready and waiting for your exploration. So, whether you’re from a village still at least 25 years away from its first Pride parade, or you fin

A hopeful guide to flathunting

Glasgow’s housing market is horrendous right now. There are simply too many students wanting too few flats, and if you’re starting the semester without knowing where you’ll be living next year, it must feel really daunting. As someone who viewed their second year flat 90 minutes before I left halls for good, signing forms on shitty Avanti WiFi and frantically calling my flatmates-to-be as I headed back to England, I’m going to do my best to advise how to obtain a flat at the very last minute.

New Year, New You, New Product

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, supposedly. My last attempt was in 2020, where I concocted an unnecessarily large bullet point list of demands on my notes app and, in typically embarrassing fashion, called it the jeevolution. A novel coronavirus was then, of course, successful in thwarting any revolutionary change, and instead forced upon me the fixity of being an utter slob for months at a time. Since then, I’ve told myself not to bother.

It’s irresistible though. The burning desire to sudd

Sorry, I’m busy…

Every sodding week, you wake up exhausted. You know why but you ignore it. It’s probably still dark outside. You put on a podcast that you don’t even enjoy listening to anymore. Divert, distract, deflect. You call your mum while walking to your next engagement. It’s only a quick one, sorry. You frantically summarise your latest shenanigans and she reminds you to look after yourself.

You designate the trip up the learning hub escalators as the time to check your messages. It’s never long enough.